Event Sponsors - "The meal tonight is provided by...  " image

Event Sponsors - "The meal tonight is provided by... "

Add your name as sponsor of a part of the 2019 Gala event.

$7,150 raised

$7,800 goal

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Sponsor YLM at the 2019 Gala

Event Sponsor

Provide for our event at one of these levels, either in dollars or an in-kind donation:

  • The Meal – $5,000 SPONSORED! Thank you Rassette Homes!
  • The Venue – $1,000 SPONSORED! Thank you Emicon Corporation!
  • The Beverages – $1000 PARTIALLY SPONSORED! Thank you Zion Lutheran, El Paso! ($400)
  • The Entertainment – $800
(find additional sponsorship options here)

Thank You 2019 Sponsors!

Event Sponsor - The Meal $5,000 - Rassette Homes

Rassette Homes

Event Sponsor - The Venue $1,000 - Emicon Corporation

Emicon Corp

Platinum Sponsor $1,000 - Dr. Gary Kanemura

Platinum Sponsor $1,000 - Dynamic Design & Fabrication

Dynamic Design and Fabrication

Gold Sponsor $750 - T&T Staff Management

T & T Staff Management

Gold Sponsor $750 - Tom and Sara Stuebe

Gold Sponsor $750 - Dr. Gary Kanemura

Silver Sponsor $500 - Tim and Cheryle Kludt

Silver Sponsor $500 - Sharon Amastae

Event Sponsor - The Beverages $400 - Zion Lutheran Church, El Paso, TX

Zion Lutheran Church

The Benefits of Sponsorship

In addition to knowing you are making a positive impact on people's lives, sponsors will receive complimentary tickets to the Gala Dinner (commensurate with the sponsorship level; see below). For those donating $500 and above, your name, logo and donation level will be displayed on a large screen among other slides throughout the evening. These sponsors will be listed in the gala dinner's written program, on any media release from YLM concerning the gala, and on YLM's webpage.

Silent Auction donors will have their name and merchandise listed in the program and on display throughout the event.

This YLM Gala Dinner will expose your company's name to prospective customers. All levels of donation, whether funds or goods, receive a tax-deductible receipt.

Gala Tickets, Selecting Entrées

After you have completed your sponsorship donation using the form above, you will receive an email from us confirming your sponsorship. When you receive it, let us know if you plan to use your meal tickets or if you would like to donate them. Write to us with a list of your entrée selections by April 20, 2019.

Submitting Logo Artwork

Send us your business logo as a digital file (the larger the file size, the better the quality) by May 1, 2019 to guarantee visibility at the gala event. Send it sooner and enjoy months of additional visibility on our website. Contact Rev. Stephen Heimer, by replying to the email your receive after your donation, by calling (915) 566-4667 (Zion Lutheran Church Office), or sending a message via the YLM contact form on our website.